My Life is Falling Apart...Literally

My husband has begun the kitchen demolition. It will be one week and two days before the new cabinets are delivered. No date has been set for installation. I am trying not to panic. I like to eat at Taco Bell and McDonald's. I think a plastic knife ought to cut an apple just fine. I don't need my glasses or cups...wait a minute!!! I need my coffee cup!!

The next couple weeks are going to be insane:

Monday 6/7: demolish rest of kitchen, no idea what we are eating for breakfast or lunch, dinner at my parents' (whew).

Tuesday 6/8: continue demolition, food T.B.A.

Wednesday 6/9: same as Tuesday

Thursday 6/10: husband goes back to work while I stare at an empty kitchen and eat what???

Friday 6/11: same as Thursday and last day of school

Saturday 6/12: college friend from out of town with five children may stay with us

Sunday 6/13: same friend will be here (meanwhile no kitchen)

Monday 6/14: one college friend leaves another comes (also from out of town but no children) to stay for the week

Tuesday 6/15: cabinets will be delivered, now what?

Wednesday 6/16: I hope I still have a speck of sanity

Thursday 6/17: family in town for the baptism, college friend will be kicked out of our house and down the street to another friend's house to make room for four adults and three children.

Friday 6/18: entertain family and friends with no kitchen plus my husband, dad and brother-in-law may start to re-roof the house (weather permitting)

Saturday 6/19: same as above except I will probably be scrambling to get the baptism reception together.

Sunday 6/20: our dear son's baptism...

Also, just so you know, I was able to throw away some very old and stale spices today. Yet another success in the kitchen (see yesterday's post).


  1. YardleymommaJune 06, 2010

    Sorry, I wish I knew you were starting this and I would of warned you to make sure everything is covered, especially the baby! When we did the floor project after the flood this year, there was dust everywhere, I am still finding a fine layer of dust in places. We all got a cough/allergy from the dust and what was exposed, so watch your little ones. I'll be praying for you because I had no kitchen for a week, I couldn't imagine longer. We ate lots of salads, fruit, camping-like food, bbq'd, etc. It will be worth it though to have a nicer kitchen. I hope we can come visit later and see! Take care!

  2. Wow, Holly, you are so brave to take all this on! I do think I would go a little bit crazy with all that. You'll be in my prayers for sure. Oh, and don't forget to take pictures of all this insanity! ;)


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