Preparing for the Rush

Things are going quite well right now. We are busy with lots of company and without the luxury of a kitchen but I'm handling it and dealing with it and even enjoying it. One thing that I am doing that I normally do not is taking the baby to the bedroom to nurse. I lie down alone with him and read and in doing so, I am getting some rest and "me" time in the midst of all the craziness. I am going to highly recommend this practice, of getting away for a bit, to myself in the future. I am somewhat of an extrovert as well as an introvert (in personality tests I end up in the middle somewhere) so I guess I need to pay more attention to the side of me that needs to be alone while lots of people are around.

Our cabinets were delivered today. The boxes are huddled together in our shop. It's like they are consoling each other in the dark as they wait to be installed. The installation will be on Thursday. The same day the next batch of company arrives (4 adults and 3 children). Right now my husband is out shopping for roofing supplies and the girls are with him. My friend and her husband are out "popping around the town" as they say (the hubby is from New Zealand and he even took a run today in his bare feet...foriegners...) and Baby Blue and I are enjoying the quiet. Now is my time to prepare myself for the next rush of activity.

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