Steps to Success

I am beginning to get myself organized in the kitchen. At this time, I have just a few meals that my children will eat and my husband and I like as well. With these few meals in mind, I am able to stock up on what I need. It has made my kitchen duty a little more simple. My mind is capable of focusing on the few and I have stopped getting overwhelmed with the infinite possibilities of meals I could be cooking. Each dinner is fairly easy to whip up and the more I make one meal, the better I get at making it. I know exactly how long to stir fry the veggies before they are soggy or exactly how much taco seasoning to add to my hamburger.

It's a relief. In my quest for kitchen perfection and ease, I have finally made one step that I can call a success. I've even been working on an "Essential Inventory" of all the ingredients so I can highlight with ease the food we're running low on.

Even though I am making some progress, this is the rest of my pantry...

There is still a lot of work to be done.

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