All We Need is a Little Patience

I was sitting in my back yard the other day with my mom, my friend and her mom. We were enjoying a sunny afternoon with conversation while the children ran back and forth beside us and up and down the tree. My baby was on my lap making us all smile when the mother of my friend, here for a visit, said to me, "you must be very patient to have your kitchen and roof redone while raising three small children."

I stopped bouncing the baby and just looked at her blankly. It took some time for me to even come up with a single word in response.

Patient?? If berating my husband for taking on too much at one time, or slamming dishes around hoping that one will break, or flying out the door for an angry twenty minute drive is patient then yes, I am. But, I don't think that is patience.

No. I am not patient in the least. However, this whole period of stress over stress over stress has forced me to be more patient. I am learning, very quickly, to go with the flow. There is no sense fighting it. It's happening. Soon it will be over but now I'll just have to power through.

With anything in life, once the initial stress of something is accepted as the new norm, we seem to have the ability to deal. A gift given to us from above for mere survival I'm sure. For instance, it used to be a major freak out moment for me when Little Bear would get car sick. Now I just pack some extra clothes and something to throw up into and celebrate when she does not get sick. With time, we adapt to hard situations.

I'm sure there will be more times in my life to learn patience. It's the life of a mother. However, I am really looking forward to the end of this kitchen project for sure. In fact, I am even looking forward to cooking. Now how's that for a change of heart?

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