Keeping Faith

I am constantly talking to my children about God. Sometimes I wonder if I go overboard. Everything we do and say as a family somehow finds itself being analyzed through the lens of faith. I can't help it. I love Jesus and I want my children to love him too. Not only love him, but continue to be Catholic. Sometimes my mind begins to wander and wonder about the possibility of that not happening. I'm not blind to the fact that in this culture and time, keeping the faith can be almost impossible. However, I know ultimately it will be the decision and individual choices of each child and that my motherly influence stops at the door of my child's heart. Only she can open the door to faith in Christ. All I can do is live out my own faith and be a real life example of living out what I believe. (Lord help me!)

Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary has thought about this topic as well. She is in an especially awkward place because, raised as an atheist, she had never experienced the passing on of faith in her own childhood. She has spent some time gleaning as much information from parents whose children remained faithful and has come up with these three basic things that Christian families do to keep the faith from one generation to the next:

1.The parents prayed for their children to have faith

2.The children saw the parents rely on God in real, concrete ways (e.g. if the father didn't get a big promotion at work he'd pray about what God wanted him to do next, express trust that God would bring good out of the situation, etc.)

3.The parents and children prayed together at least occasionally

I thought it was an interesting post. CLICK HERE to read it yourself.

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  1. Mikki Love-WashburnSeptember 01, 2010

    After reading this, I realize that Joseph & I will be facing the same predicament! Neither of us were raised with Christian influence, so I see that as a challenge. I agree with these three basic things. I think most importantly, letting children see that we rely on God, and despite what the outcome is, continuing to praise Him and know that He has a path for us. I also believe that praying together is very powerful. I think this is also an awesome tool for children to see that God does answer our prayers, even if it's not what we're hoping for. God is good, and I hope that I'm able to pass that on to my children.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!