Middle of Ordinary Time

Today marks the middle of ordinary time in the liturgical calendar. I like knowing that. The following is from CatholicCulture.org about things to do today to prepare for the feasts and seasons to come. I'd really like to be more prepared instead of always rushing at the last minute to make things special. Imagine what my life would be like with a little order and planning that I actually follow through with...now come back to reality...it will never happen the way I imagine. However, imagining it keeps me reaching for the ideal:

Things to Do

•Today marks the middle of Ordinary Time (33 weeks total). There are 5 months until Christmas and 4 months until the new Church year beginning in Advent. Put some time aside to do inventory and planning. Obtain a copy of a calendar for the upcoming year (if you have children, look at the upcoming school year beginning in August or September). Decide what feasts will be focused on during the year (family patrons, favorite feast days, feasts related to projects for the year). Also consider what kind of focus will be used for the different liturgical seasons. This of course can change, but it's good to plan a little. Perhaps focus the year on a certain virtue or theme or symbol. An example would be how does the light symbolism play into the liturgical seasons and feasts? Then, with each season, examine this and implement projects that focus on the light theme, such as candles.

•Take an inventory of books and craft supplies for the upcoming seasons, including kitchen items, like food coloring, cookie cutters, cake pans, icing tips, etc. Holycards or pictures or statues of patron saints, feast days are good decorations. What about tablecloths or placemats or napkins in liturgical season colors? Do you want to incorporate a special plate for birthdays and namedays? This would be a good time to start or plan projects like these. Plan a budget of liturgical supplies, books, materials and a loose time-line of projects. If you are homeschooling, projects could be integrated with the school material. (JGM)

By the way, CatholicCulture.org seems to be running low on funds lately. It makes me sad because I really like this website as a Catholic resource. It is a little more traditional than others and my husband tells me that must mean I'm in the minority of current Catholic thought. I don't care! I like being a part of the remnant :)

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