Selling the Culture

I listen to a program called Woman of Grace on the radio almost every morning. It is very informative and massages my brain's need for some intelligent and spiritual talk. These two programs (actually from The Abundant Life television show) I found to be very interesting and worth passing on. Under each link I copied the program description from The Abundant Life website. Each show is an hour so make a cup of tea, pop some popcorn and prepare to be shocked and informed. I am very interested in your thoughts on these programs...maybe you'll let me know sometime :).

Selling the Culture Part 1

The use of marketing techniques to sell goods is nothing new. And the art of persuasion to do the same is ancient. However, the use of marketing techniques based on psychological processes and the use of new technologies to hoist ideologies, agendas, worldviews, morals and ethics upon an unsuspecting public- now that is something quite new indeed. And yet this is what has happened and is happening even as we spend this time together today. Here to talk with us about this reality, the techniques that are used, and the ways in which they have been used to supplant a Judeo-Christian ethos with something quite different is our guest, Paul Rondeau. He is a marketing expert and a researcher on crucial policy concerns in present day culture.

Selling the Culture Part 2

With guest, Dr. William Brennan We discuss one of the ploys that has been used by intellectual elites to manipulate the perceptions and beliefs of the world community. This technique has been used successfully to denounce the American Indian, sell slaves, marginalize women, dehumanize the vulnerable, and kill children and the elderly. Coined semantic gymnastics, this systematic approach to "hoodwinking" the American population has been successfully applied to turn a Judeo-Christian ethos into one of situational ethics, moral relativism, and narcissistic materialism. In 1970, the California Medical Association's journal, California Medicine, featured an editorial called "A New Ethic for Medicine and Society." In this article, the CMA outlined a carefully conceived strategy to convince the American population that abortion is not killing. The American public has been sold a deadly lie - whose tentacles reach from the womb to the grave, and with increasing influence, affect every human life through legislation and policy.


  1. I heard today Part 1 of this program on the Kansas City Catholic radio station today. Very interesting, and definitely the remarks have the ring of truth.

    I noticed increasingly sophisticated indoctrination of ideas initially and most pointedly on television. However, I'd noticed it in the last ten years, curiously enough, in churches I attended. Initially, I became aware of that increasingly sophisticated marketing was being used to encourage and at times manipulate church members into donating to various fundraising efforts. Later, I became aware of political ideologies being propogated from the pulpit, through fundraising campaigns, and through study programs marketed as spiritual exploration.

    I realized, while watching televised coverage of my denomination's national leadership meeting, during behavior that is with odds with biblical teaching and tradition was eventually sanctioned, that the fix was in at leadership levels before the votes were even taken, all of the comments and interviewees were carefully selected and scripted, and I could see that the whole event was carefully orchestrated by the leadership to lead members down the garden path to acceptance. I left the denomination shortly thereafter.

    Every Christian is responsible for evaluating respectfully but critically new programs, ideas and concepts being programatically pushed to the faithful, especially when clothed in spiritual terms. Church leadership can drink coolade, too. When you hear tell of a new program, inquire into where it's coming from, what initiated it, what is the source of the materials, etc.

  2. Thank you for your comment...so true, so true.


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