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Finally I have begun to implement a chore schedule for our little family. For the last year I have analyzed the flow of our household with the intention of implementing a chore schedule. I wanted to get it right before I started because I was afraid of the resistance I knew would come, from my oldest especially.
About a week ago I gave up on the idea of the perfect chore schedule and just started. It has gone surprisingly well so far. Today, Monday, was housecleaning day. My girls and I spent part of the morning cleaning. I basically just barked orders until I felt it was complete. ~
The following, although a work in progress, is a picture of the schedule my girls are following. It is not hard and fast and, believe me, there is plenty of play time during the unscheduled time:
Weekly Schedule
Monday- House Cleaning (Morning)
Tuesday- School Work (Morning)
Wednesday- School Work (Morning)
Thursday-Library and Dance (Afternoon)
Friday- Play at the River (Afternoon)
Saturday- Free
Sunday- Religion Lesson before Mass
Daily Chores
Get Dressed
Brush Hair
Brush Teeth/wash face
Tidy one part of room each day(M-dresser, T-nightstand, etc.)
Daily Chore (age specific chore given by me)
Bedtime Snack
Brush teeth
Night Chore
(Grasshopper: clean bathroom counter, Little Bear: put all shoes away)
Family Prayer
Read in bed (15 min.)
Above is a picture of the three of us with our micro-fiber dusting cloths. Click Here for details on these fantastic cloths and I'll hook you up with a seller if you're interested.

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