Fair Departures

This is a poem written by Nina M. Ford (a.k.a. The Roving Tenderfoot) in 1943.  She lived in Montana, was my father's English teacher, and was a good friend of my grandmother.

When the skies are blue
And the fields are green,
And the long brown road is dry;
When the day is bright,
And the clouds are white,
And a breeze goes singing by,
The call of the long brown road becomes
An urge in my restless feet.
The soft wind riffles my greying hair,
And the world seems made of sun and air.
Oh, the going will be sweet!

There will be travelers on that road
To share glad miles with me,
To talk about the things we do,
About the things we see.
Then they will turn and go their way,
These brief companions of a day.

What matters it if my hair is grey,
And my step is a trifle slow?
While life shall last, I shall hear that call;
While strength remains, I'll go.
And when I take to the long, long trail
Where the traffic flows one way,
May the cloulds be white,
And the sun be bright,
As bright as it is to-day.
I shall meet a Friend out on that trail,
Who will guide my every mile.
May that going be as sweet as this;
May I turn, and wave, and smile.

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  1. This was beautiful to read today. After a funeral of a wonderful person, I can just imagine him turning and waving, and running off to join in the glories of Heaven while he waits for his family to join him. My heart breaks for his family. Message to me: Hug Your Husband. This was a sudden death, and a huge blow to our whole Catholic homeschooling community and the small town of Lake Stevens. And it was a rowing accident, so I see oars and I cry. But he was baptized Catholic two years ago, and happily so. He was 42.
    Also, congrats on the getting your tippy toes into homeschooling. Another idea, as long as you keep it light, would be "afterschooling", by maybe doing history/religion activities after school as family activities.
    Love you!!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!