Perfect Timing

Now that I have three children, there are more opportunities for falling apart moments.  In fact, if you add in mommy and daddy, there is the likely chance that there will be one unhappy person at all times.  One of the most intense times of day is when we have to leave the house and be somewhere at a certain time.  No matter how much planning and preparation, it is inevitable that we are rushing due to some unknown problem that causes one or more of us to free fall into tears and tantrums.  It could be a last minute dirty diaper that spills out onto Baby Boy's clothes, an inability for Little Bear to find the other black shoe, or Grasshopper is suddenly starving.  We end up flying out the door hoping that we remembered everything and usually end up back in the house for something that was forgotten.  Meanwhile, my attitude is terrible.  I get cranky in these moments and sigh noisily hoping that someone will rescue me from this mayhem.

Until recently. I've begun to say a silent prayer before we start the get-up-and-go process:  Lord, I pray for your perfect timing.  I also say it while we go through the moments of despair and I say it as we are bombing down the road. This little prayer has helped me to calm down inside and trust that God is in control.  Maybe there is a reason for whatever happens.

Maybe, for some reason, I was not meant to enjoy noon prayer with my husband and baby at Mt. Angel Abbey the other day.  It seemed that timing was perfect up to the point of the prayer.  In fact, we arrived just as the bells started to ring, calling the monks and visitors into the church.  We sat down peacefully and just as the monks began chanting the Psalms, I had to leave because Baby Boy was hungry.  Hurriedly, I found a quiet spot overlooking the view from the hill and when Baby Boy was finished and I was about to trot back in to the Abbey Church to finish noon prayer, he spit up all over himself and me.  Meanwhile, the diaper bag was in the van and my husband, still praying, had the key.  I admit, that in the peace of that day while someone nearby sat looking out to the quiet distance,  I said out loud, "Baby Boy, that was bad timing!"  Then I laughed (out loud as well) at the inside joke between God and me.

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  1. Outstanding! Everything does happen for a reason. Instead of being in Chapel, which would be lovely, God saw fit to bring you and your Baby Boy out to the mountain top to be closer to Him. There, you engaged in a wonderfull activty, that is, nursing one of the greatest gifts that God has given you. There, you saw God in all His Goodness. And as if that were not enough, you even got to laugh with God over something that, without Him, might normally have caused stress and frustration. What a Grace filled moment!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!