Transition Team

After having a baby, there is always that period of transition.  In our family, the transition is not always smooth and going from two to three children was especially hard on us.  It seemed that each of our anxieties, about whatever (germs, the world ending, whether or not the purple tutu is clean), came to the surface and flew around our interactions recklessly.  There were many days where I had to muster up some courage from somewhere to face the tornado that my family had become.

However, there is hope.  After five months, we have begun to adapt to the change.  The last few days I have actually and honestly enjoyed my family and am so glad I have three beautiful children.  We were even stuck in a van together for a couple days and I didn't feel the urge to run away by the end of our weekend trip (I did get the urge to run away from junk food...yet another food issue I need to work on with my family).

I know we'll still be in transition for a while longer, but most of our anxieties have been pushed back under the surface and we are interacting more smoothly...at least until Baby Boy starts to walk.

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