Uniquely Inspired

A friend of mine told me today that she reads my blog for inspiration.  The sip of wine in my mouth caught in my throat and I coughed.  It's hard for me to believe what I write, coming from the mundane of my life, could be "inspirational."  Yet, when I look around at almost every person around me, I find inspiration in their gifts and talents.  I'm inspired by the way someone decorates her house or the way she gets her children to obey.  I'm inspired by the food a friend cooks or the clothes she wears.  We each have our gifts and we inspire each other to go on, to reach further, to be better. 

I think the key is to be able to be inspired by another and not want what that person has or does.  It's hard to be content with my own gifts, my own style and my own life.  A few people have asked me, some what bewildered, "how do you find the time to write?"  I guess it's my thing, it's my gift.  It's what I love to do.  So I do it.  I've asked the same kind of questions like how do you find the time to bake bread, pick out such stylish clothes or shop for make-up?  I don't spend any more time than necessary in the kitchen, or picking out my clothes or even plucking my eyebrows (what a chore).  But I do spend time writing and doing other things that are unique and important to me.  We all have the same amount of time in a day, we each just make choices to fill our time with what is important to each person.

Steadily I am coming to an acceptance of who I am and what I do with my time.  I will try to continue to be inspired by those around me without longing to live another life.  I will also strive to root out what is not so inspirational in myself.  Ultimately I hope to truly appreciate the gifts God has given uniquely to me.
I have the above painting (Irises) by van Gogh in my bedroom and often look at it while rocking my baby.  Notice the white lilac is unique in its color and position?  It almost looks as if the other flowers are all looking to that one white iris for...inspiration...that's why I picked this painting for this post.

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