School starts tomorrow and summer is over.  Most of me is relieved to be starting the routine of school days again.  Summer, although I look forward to it from the second week of school until it comes, is long and hectic.  My children are completely strung out by the end of each long day and because the sun stays up longer, so do they.  It's nice to be able to turn off the light and have darkness like a boundary on the day. 

My children also need some boundaries on their behavior.  I have been gathering together my thoughts and plans for chores and allowances to help keep a lid on some of their bad behavior break outs.  We have been enduring some major battles lately and with age my children are only getting more sophisticated in their disobedience.  It's overwhelming to me on many days but I'll continue to make steps to improve things around here until one day my darlings will be out of the house...then what???  It's a little scary to think about!

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