A Corn Bread Crumble

Yesterday Grasshopper went into a giant, crying, rage because I decided not to make corn bread with our chili.  She was flying and flopping all over the house and screaming at me because she wanted corn bread.  A common experience with this child?  Yes!  So, instead of yelling and screaming and chasing her around trying to instill in her the value of a good attitude through the wall of her bad attitude, I decided to have her make the corn bread herself.  I make it from a box so there are just three ingredients.  Easy, right?

First, she spilled part of the contents on the counter and floor.  Then she wouldn't crack the egg because she didn't want to wash her hands.  Next she shoved the spoon in to mix and huffed that the egg would not mix in.  I calmly led her through the process telling myself that this is an important lesson.  Of course, part of cooking is cleaning and so I had her put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  She shoved them in complaining that they didn't fit and crashed them around until one broke.  I figured this might happen and let it and I'm glad I did.

After the dish broke, Grasshopper's attitude changed and for the rest of the night she was an obedient, helpful and pleasant child.  I'm pretty sure she was proud that she made the muffins and ate them with gusto.  It was not easy for us to go through this and I said many silent prayers for patience.  I really would rather not do it all again but I will.  She'll have to work for the rest of her life and it is my task to teach her how.

Needless to say, after she was in bed, I slumped onto the couch exhausted knowing that this work of mine starts all over again tomorrow.

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  1. Wow, that would be so hard, knowing that a dish was going to break, and letting it happen! I'm sure it was a good lesson, but man, you have some patience! I think you did the right thing, and I hope when it comes time for me to deal with this, I'll do the same! Good for you!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!