The House Fairy

Have you ever heard of The House Fairy?  I hadn't either until the other day.  I was searching around the website of The Fly Lady and there she was.  I clicked onto her site and there were some videos there of this old, goofy looking fairy who claims to work for Santa.  I'm not one to promote fairies (tooth fairy and even Santa included).  I do it begrudgingly because I don't like to lie, trick or manipulate my children.  It just bothers me because I want to always be a truth teller.  However, this House Fairy lady had a magical effect on my children.  They watched a couple videos and then cleaned their rooms...both of them!  Suddenly,  I was no longer the mean mommy.  It's not me who inspects, but The House Fairy.

Truth be told, I spent the $15 and made an appointment with The House Fairy.  She even came last night and left a little treat for my girls for cleaning their rooms.  Maybe, at least for a while, we can have some grins instead of grumbles in our daily household tasks.  I might even get that House Fairy to give me a treat once in a while.

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  1. That's awesome, a good friend of mine swears by The Fly Lady. I've looked into it, but I can't ever hold myself accountable!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!