The Kitchen Sink

This, our sink, is my favorite part of our new kitchen.  It is the one item we splurged a little on.  It is so large that I can practically fill up the entire dishwasher with a sink full of dirty dishes.  It is so deep that when it is full of dirty dishes, they are barely visible.  I really like the faucet we chose as well. 

It would be interesting to keep track of the amount of time I spend at the kitchen sink.  It is a lot.  I may be rinsing dishes to put in the dishwasher, filling a pot for pasta, taking a drink, or washing my hands.  Most of the time it is not silent while at I'm the sink.  It is the time I think to bark orders and reminders at my children and husband or when I remember to make a phone call.  If I am standing at the sink it is like a hint for my children to begin to fight or just get wild.  It's the time my son decides he needs to be held and so rolls around on the living room floor crying until my hands are dry and I can pick him up. 

It used to seem like such a chore and so chaotic each time I would get up to wash the dishes or work around the sink.  I grumbled about it and it seemed so hard.  Now, it is just a part of the day-to-day for me.  It's just part of the routine of motherhood.  I have embraced it as my work and one of the little things I do to make our home a place to live and not to loath.

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