We Take Time for Nature Walks

I have been attempting to follow a preschool curriculum out of Catholic Heritage Curriculum with Little Bear.  I'm trying to be good about some sort of routine in our week and themes to our months.  The great part of this curriculum is that the whole family can work on them together.  One of the things under the heading "we take time for..." is nature walks, so Saturday I took the kids to do just that.  It was just the four of us and we had a very nice time.

Here is what I am attempting to work on with Little Bear this year (it is posted to my fridge as a constant reminder to me because I'm so flaky about keeping to plans):

Monthly Themes:

September: I am happy when I obey
October:  My Guardian Angel watches over me
November: I share God's gifts with others
December:  I talk with God in prayer
January:  I am a child of God
February:  God loves me and I love him!
March:  God lives within me
April:  Heaven is my home
May:  Mary is my mother
June:  Thank you God, for everything!

We are growing in wonderful ways...
  • Virtue (right-away obedience, honesty, forgiveness, sharing)
  • Good Attitude (cheerful, helpful, thankful, cooperative)
We are learning so much...
  • Prayers (Sign of the Cross, Grace, Hail Mary, Angel of God)
  • Chores (make bed, pick up toys, set table
We take time for...
  • Daily Prayer
  • Story Time/Reading
  • Visits to the Library
  • Nature Walks
  • Ballet
  • Art
  • Music

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