7 Quick Takes: Friday (vol. 2)

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Again I am attempting Seven Quick Takes: Friday which is hosted by Conversion Diary.  If you haven't checked out Jennifer Fulwiler's blog yet, you are missing out.  It's funny, interesting and spiritually moving all at the same time.

By linking to Conversion Diary, you may also notice that I am attempting to mimic her style...at least for this post (1.,2.,3. with some funny stories...if I can be funny, etc.).  I like how Fulwiler writes and how it is presented.  This is nothing new, in fact, some of the classical education homeschooling books I've been reading, suggest to do this with our children so they can have practice writing well.

Speaking of classical education, it is also suggested that children memorize poetry and other uplifting, beautiful things.  It is something that will remain with them forever and something to help them seek that which is beautiful with the ultimate end being beauty itself: God.  Our first poem has been memorized and my girls are going to put them in their own poetry notebooks.

This is the poem they memorized:

Whole Duty of Children
by Robert Louis Stevenson

A child should always say what's true
And speak when he is spoken to
And behave mannerly at table
At least as far as he is able.

Another beautiful classical education my girls are getting is through a local ballet school.   However, not all parents putting their children in this particular ballet school are willing to put up with the teacher to attain this classical education.  The teacher, Sian,  is eccentric to say the least.  She also can be rough around the edges and is known to rough up parents once in while.  (Warning: this story is actually funny to me but I'm not sure how it will come off in writing so here goes...)

The other day, a dad was in the bathroom with his two-year-old son while the class of three and four year olds was in session.  Of course, three little girls had to go potty while the bathroom was being used by this dad and son.  Sian got impatient and pounded on the door telling this man to get out of the bathroom.  He finally came out, and being a new parent, was unfamiliar with her abrupt style and so was pretty upset.  Some of us with previous experience of Sian let him know that this was nothing.  Things can get lots worse.  We all have learned to stay out of her way and respect her authority as the ballet teacher in her own studio (and a very good one at that). 

Well, he was not willing to let it go and when she came out of class, he began to let her know how unhappy he was with her and that his two-year-old son has to pee too and it was rude of her to interrupt his bathroom session.  Of course, the ballet teacher did not back down.  It was all very uncomfortable and I stood there examining my feet.  Then, to top it off he used some very choice words. 

My mouth dropped and my eyes widened and thankfully another mom quickly scolded him for his language and behavior in front of the kids.  I have never seen anything like this before.  Needless to say, I don't think he or his child will be back.  Another unruly parent successfully weeded out! 

I was thinking the other day about the argument for teaching teens about safe sex.  The argument is that kids are going to do it anyway, so we should teach them how to do it safely.  I guess that means we should start teaching teens how to drink alcohol safely.  Then we could teach them how to drive safely after drinking and how to safely avoid a cop.  Not only that, we can teach teens how to smoke properly.  Maybe we could teach them how to not inhale or, again, how to not get caught.  Makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

It is also interesting to me that schools have the audacity to teach our children so much about the occult. Have you noticed how many nice, friendly ghosts and witches there are in children's literature?  Just yesterday my daughter came home telling me about an animal video they watched and how the cat was made to sound like a witch.  Not only that, I went in to talk to the teacher before school had even begun to see some of the curriculum and she showed me a spelling list.  The first word on the list was sorcerer.  I wonder why it's okay to assault our Christian children with occult language and practices but we can't have any mention of Christianity at school?  Imagine if the spelling word was disciple or commandment or there was a story about some character who actually prayed Christian prayers and practiced Christianity. (I actually think I know the answer to this question but I will refrain at the risk of sounding like a believer in conspiracies).

So that's it for Seven Quick Takes: Friday (vol. 2).  I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts!  I'd love to hear some of your thoughts as well.  Comments are always welcome!


  1. My children have all memorized many of Robert Louis Stevenson's poems, too. Some of them are stuck in my mind, which is a good thing.

    Some favorites: "At the Seaside", "Foreign Lands", "The Swing", "Bed in Summer", "Time to Rise"...

    Sometimes when they want to memorize only short poems, I remind them that they'll be working on something all the time, so it doesn't matter whether it's a new, short one or a longer one that's taking a while.

  2. Have you thought of having your kids memorize scripture? It comes in very handy.
    As far as the safe sex thing, I agree, a lot of kids are going to do it, but I believe it's the way it's approached. There aren't really any good reasons given to teenagers to not have safe sex other than they should wait til they're married or scaring them with STD facts. The problem is, they're not being told why they should wait til they are married. Aside from it being a basic request by God (which I would have ignored at 16), there's also the way it affects young men and women mentally in the long run. If someone had explained to me the emotional scarring it takes on a girl or how down the road it can destroy a mans marriage, I would have listened. I am lucky enough to say that I married the man I gave my virginity to, but had someone approached me at 16 and told me the long term affects it has (as in women giving sex to get love and men giving love to get sex), I can honestly say I would have waited. I'd love to expand on this but I'm not quite sure how as I'm typing. I guess what I'm getting to is if it had been explained, I would have listened. But when I was 16, I had no good reason not to. Now I do, and I will share it with my children.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!