7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 3)

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Our little family has been so busy.  I should say, my husband has been busy.  He has been working a lot at his real job and then coming home to paint the house and do various other projects on the house before the weather turns (it started raining this evening and we're in for our first winter storm).  Meanwhile, while he's been working, I've been surviving.  I remember learning the Dead Man's Float for water survival.  First you fill up your lungs with air, then rest on the water with feet and hands dangling until you need a breath.  The next step is to blow air out, lift your head out of the water and take the next deep breath.  I've been practicing the Dead Mommy's Float for the last few days.  I keep taking deep breaths and trying to remain calm but, truth be told, I want out of the water.  I'm ready to be rescued.  However, not by Prince Charming this time.  I know how that works out.  No, instead of a knight in shining armor, I need someone armed with glass cleaner for my mirrors and windows.  I also don't need to be swept off my feet, I need someone to sweep the floor.

Thankfully, we are taking a little vacation over the weekend.  It's our 4th Annual "Yurt it Up" weekend in Bend, Oregon.  We meet family over there, stay in yurts, and freeze.  It's really just a cheap way for us to stay in Bend.  We don't really camp.  We eat out for most meals and spend time shopping.  The yurts are just our home base.  It should be fun.

It was fun to watch the Oregon Ducks tonight.  My husband loves the ducks and so, by default, we all do.  The Ducks are ranked #1 for the first time in their history.  I got a lesson tonight on a fast offense vs. a large offense.  The Ducks are smaller and fast.  In order to call the plays they had some elaborate signs for the quarterback to read so that no time was wasted calling plays.  They were a little creative, a little goofy and very large.  I kept wondering how I could incorporate this fast offense with some signs to run our household more efficiently.  It would be nice to yell less and get things done around here.

Did I mention I've been doing The Dead Mommy's Float?  Maybe I could hold up a sign each time I come up for air. 

Is it just me, or is this political season crazy?  I can't believe what November 2nd is working up to be.  For a long time I've been hoping for the sleeping giant of common sense to wake up.  I think it's wide awake now.  I just hope we're not too late.  If you are not paying attention to the political jibber jabber, let me tell you, we are in for a wild ride.  I don't think either side is going to back down easily and yes, there are definite sides.  Sorry to all of those hoping for peace and tolerance.  That won't fly in this political climate. 

As for our climate, I am not looking forward to the rain.  I'm already depressed just thinking about it.  Usually by this point in the season, I'm ready for a change in the weather and I don't mind the rain.  This year is different.  Our summer was unusually cool.  Not only that, with the cooler, wetter weather comes the added stress of Christmas.  I remember my mom lamenting one August, "oh no, only four months until Christmas."  We're down to 2 1/2 months already.

...deep breath...face in the water...relax your arms and legs...still waiting for my rescue...please bring baking supplies, holiday meal plans, shopping lists, and margarita mix.

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