7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 4)

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No matter what, cooking takes more time and energy than I like to give to the task.  Armed with my shopping list provided by Michelle at Make 5 Dinners in 1 Hour, I rushed around last night trying to find the groceries.  As multiple items on my oh-so-organized-list decided to hide from me in the store, my stress levels rose...and that was just the start.  I did manage to find most of the important ingredients and so my fridge was stocked by the end of the rushed shopping trip.  Today, even as I wished I did not have to do it, I unloaded the fridge, turned on some interesting talk radio, and diligently worked through the menu.  It took me two hours.  Am I really so slow?  Admittedly, I was interrupted by the baby choking on a sticker, Little Bear requesting chocolate milk (oh, and some fever reducing meds...she's sick) and Grasshopper demonstrating her ballet moves, but really?  Can't I do it in one hour like everybody else?  I'll keep trying.

I'm also trying to keep up a chore list and allowance for Grasshopper.  The other day she informed me that I had not paid her for last week.  I told her I didn't think she ought to get money for doing nothing.  It's not really her fault, it is my inability to maintain any kind of routine besides getting up in the morning and going to bed at night.  I am well aware that consistency is important in parenting, and wonder if being consistently inconsistent will suffice.

Another constant in my life is my constant tiredness...I know, blah, blah, blah, you've heard this all before...but I just want to file a complaint to someone about how tired I am.  Yes, I'm still waking up with the baby at night, so that is contributing to my lack of umph.  Not only that, my allergies are bothering me and at this moment I cannot hear through my right ear.  I have tried tipping upside down, taking allergy meds and digging with Q-tips.  I'm still deaf.  My poor children have learned to yell for me to hear them and my husband repeats himself without me asking any more (just kidding).

Okay, so since I'm on the same old topics, we are still drowning in toys.  Now, we have even more because of the baby toys.  Sometimes I wonder if they are multiplying.  Lately, I've given up.  Little Bear's room is completely unorganized and a mess.  I slide the toys out of the way with my feet to make a path to her bed each night.  How pathetic is that?

I'll have to get that room in order by Tuesday because we are planning to have a little party on election night.  We have some good friends who  have become quite politically active since the 2008 election.  In fact, these are the people I stood on the street corner with protesting the health care bill which was a giant step for me in my political life, at least on the "left coast."  These are two of a handful of people in this area that we know that will actually admit to being conservative.  Most hide their true identity in social situations.  In this left leaning political town, we'll even go so far as to protect one another's conservative political leanings in conversations for mere social survival.  No one wants to be an outcast like Juan Williams.  That's why standing on the streat corner was a very big deal for me.  I had to resist the urge to hide behind the sign.

That reminds me of another big step in my political life, the day my Republican friend outed me at a party.  I was quietly enjoying myself at a Halloween party last year when my friend across the room caught my attention.  I couldn't believe she was actually telling someone that she was a Republican.  I watched curiously, admiring her for her fearlessness, but then she started to explain that she was the only Republican she knew, "except for Holly" and proceeded to point at me across a roomful of mostly strangers (and by default liberals).  I tried, but failed, to hide.  Since then, we are the joke at every party.  The good thing about it is that we are able to articulate our view and we all get a good laugh.  I'm glad she outed me now and it made me realize how silly I was to fear what others might think about my conservative viewpoint.  This is still a free country.

We will be at the same Halloween party this year.  I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but it was a lot of fun last year.  I'd prefer to celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day, but I do like the candy.  This year Grasshopper is a Renaissance Period Girl and Little Bear is still undecided (cat, bear, baby or beautiful dancer).  I wanted her to be Little Red Riding Hood and the baby could be The Big Bad Wolf.  I was even thinking of being the grandma.  I guess not this year so now I still have to come up with a costume for the baby.

...which reminds me, I think I've come up with his blog name:  B.B. (baby boy, big boy, boy boy...all things I call him).  What do you think? 


  1. I'm visiting from Jennifer's. Have you tried taking some B vitamins for your tiredness? It's hard to get a handle on cooking and cleaning and consistant parenting when you'd rather be in bed napping {grin}. Prayers for you and yours as we head into the weekend.

  2. Last year, I saw the screening of "Brothers at War" in Washington, D.C. because I was in a journalism program. I got to speak with the director and ask questions of one of the executive producers, GARY SINISE. He told us about when he was in the make-up chair at some gig when the make-up artist whispered, "Don't tell anyone, but I'm a conservative." He started up an underground group of conservative industry people in Hollywood who support each other in those kinds of situations.

    Mel Gibson (not exactly the best role model, but still), Bruce Willis, Kelsey Grammer, Tom Selleck, James Woods, Patricia Heaton, Clint Eastwood, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and (drumroll, please) Vince Vaughn are all in that group. If you have a belief, there's no reason to hide it. Most of the liberals in that room are probably incapable of defending their beliefs with conviction and sound argument because they might be "liberal" so as not to be ostracized.

    As a Catholic, a big reason for your conservatism is probably because of abortion and because you are fostered in a volunteerism environment. You've seen it work!

    (I saw your blog in Conversion Diary's linky list, I like what I've read!)

  3. I just found your blog through Conversion Diary. I too live on the "left" coast in the area affectionately called the Berkeley of the North. I became politically active for the first time this electin cycle and stood on a street corner too. Of course God in his infinite hilarity had the campaign choose the corner where my kid's go to school. I guess I've been outed now as well. Oh well, as a recent Catholic convert, the ones who don't like me because I'm a conservative will just have to get in line.

    I like your view of consistency. I never thought of getting up and going to bed as points toward that. Hey, I'm consistent too! I've been at this parenting thing for quite awhile, and I still haven't been able to crack that nut. Maybe I'lll be a good example for my grandkids?


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