Baby You're Not Ready

For the last couple weeks I have been so tired and unable to sleep well.  I was sure it was my thyroid getting hyper again until I met with the doctor to go over my blood labs and everything looks great.  If it wasn't that then I thought it must be my hormones changing since the pregnancy or caffeine is affecting me more.  Then, last night I woke up in the middle of the night with the lyrics of Brandon Flowers in my head from one of his new songs:  "...baby your not ready, slow down and take some time to evolve."

Then I knew why my life seems so crazy and I'm having sleepless nights.  Maybe you don't really notice that blogpatrol link on the side of this blog, but I look at it daily to see how many people have checked in to read. A year and a half ago when I began Scattering Agates there were about seven readers, then nine, then about twelve.  I could name at least that many people that I knew were reading and even though it seemed cool to have more readers, it was nice to know someone was reading. 

Now, many more than twelve people are reading a day.  So many that I have no idea who these people are, but I am twitterpated over it  (although I'm still not ruling out that it's a computer glitch and really only a couple people read). It's all I can think about and it's keeping me up at night.  What if I had all of the readers of this blog in one room?  That would be so weird.  You would all know so much about me and I would know nothing about most of you.  I would love to sit and have coffee with each of you and get to know you too!  Maybe we'll run into each other in Heaven one day.

Until then, thanks to everyone who is reading.  I welcome your comments.  They help me to know what type of posts are interesting to you.  I am just so grateful for those of you who have been with me from the beginning and for those just joining.  Now that I realize what is keeping me so razzled, I am going to attempt to "slow down" my thoughts and give myself some time to get used to this new phase in my blog life.  In other words, some "time to evolve."

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Update:  Since writing this post I have removed the blogpatrol widget.  No sense in obessing over a daily tally.  Maybe now I can get back to real life :).

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  1. I truly enjoy reading your blog! I find it an awesome way to get to know a family member better! After reading your blog, it's really made me want to start writing my own. I, too, am a very open and honest person, but I've found that sometimes people take and twist what I write or say and that has me apprehensive about opening myself up in this manner. I think it's fantastic that you have. Maybe some day I will be brave enough to start. ;)


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!