Faithful Flurries

Each year, as we travel to and from Bend for our family yurt trip, we are treated with the beauty and wonder of fall.  I love to scan the woods as we drive through and let my eyes rest on the vibrant red and orange bushes or the yellowing ferns and underbrush.  This year was especially enchanting when there was about a foot of snow over the pass and the reds and oranges, yellows and left over greens were peeking through the piles of freshly fallen snow.  As we came down the mountain into the wet and familiar coastal climate, the changing leaves were gently falling out of the trees on top of the cars in front of us.  It was as if the trees were dropping their leaves as a gift or a blessing on each car.

I can imagine those same leaves fluttering through an airy breeze, as autumn often brings.  I've seen small clusters of leaves flying around parking lots or down my street.  Sometimes plastic bags or candy wrappers get caught up in the flurry and sail quickly by.  I am reminded of God's plan and purpose for my day and my life when I observe a blustery breeze passing by or around me.  God has given me the ability to choose to step into His will and be whisked away, or I can choose to ignore the breeze.  The chaos and clutter of my life sometimes prevents me from noticing that the wind is even blowing and I miss the opportunity to be swept into His mercy altogether.  However, when I choose to step in and be gently fluttered away in God's breeze, I experience freedom, peace and awe in His wonderful works.

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