Mary Today, Martha Tomorrow

Today, sleepiness covers me like a shawl.  I'd like to curl up in it and embrace the warmth.  Instead, there are dishes to be washed, babies to be fed and cobwebs to be swept (not that I'm going to do that but I thought it sounded dramatic).  There is much to do.  As it is said, a mother's work is never done.  Never. 

Some moms are able to power through the days with blurry eyes and cloudy heads.  Some moms, like me, tend to succumb easily to the lull of a tired body.  From conversations I have had with moms of both inclinations I figured out that both kinds of moms feel guilty.  We all feel guilty for some lack in ourselves to be the very best mom ever.

Maybe my inability to power through sleepiness is a gift from God.  Like the story of Mary and Martha.  Martha was busy in the kitchen while Mary sat at Jesus' feet and listened to him.  Maybe today is a day when I get to act more like Mary and listen to my Lord (and my children).  So, I think I'll throw off the guilt and be the mom that I am.  I'll put up my feet for a while and read a book that is begging to be read or read to Little Bear for as long as she wants.

Tomorrow all that needs to be done will still be there and I'll get to it then.  Maybe I'll even get those cobwebs.

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