Still Waters Run Deep

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I like a good discussion and argument. My family has always made room for healthy debate. However, I get tired of trying to defend what I believe about certain things when I just don’t know if what I’m defending is the truth or not. It’s hard to know these days with the explosion of information available to us. We used to trust the nightly news or just turn to the good old encyclopedia. Now it just seems hard to get a straight answer. I have to make judgments about what is true or not based on my feelings or my own perception. Then I don’t know if I can trust my own interpretation. It’s crazy.

There is only one place in my head and heart that does not falter. It is my faith in Jesus. I believe with all my heart that He is God and that He died on the cross to connect us, once again, with our Father in Heaven. The Truth of Jesus Christ rests firmly and deeply in my soul. The whole world could fall away from me and it would still be there. It is my source of comfort, of strength, of hope and of all my love. To me, it is not a matter of debate or persuasion. It is the Truth.

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