Try, Try Again

Right now, in my fridge, are five meals ready to cook.  I know, it's incredible!  I spent some time prepping these meals and now I am ready to go.  When my fridge is stocked and ready to go, I feel such a sense of accomplishment.  The rest of my house may be a disaster and my baby may have some leftover squash on his jammies while he slumbers through the night, but my meals are ready!

Sheepishly I admit that I have given up (a while ago) on Saving Dinner.  It ended up being more work than I was willing to commit to.  However, I have discovered a new and creative diva, named Michelle, and her blog is Make 5 Dinners in One Hour.  When I read that she was going to fast food restaurants a couple times a week I wanted to raise my hand and say, "me too, me too!!"  Not that I like those places, in fact, I despise them.  But, they are so easy and my kids like them.  I knew that if this gal could get her fast-food -kids to eat her food, then maybe mine would too.

The bottom line is this:  I may be a stay-at-home-mom, but I am not interested in being some 1950s housewife who bakes bread, has perfect hair and make-up, throws elegant parties and meets my husband at the door with his favorite mixed drink.  In fact, I try to avoid the kitchen but then feel hugely guilty for lacking that love of food preparation every stay-at-home-mom ought to have.  Some day I might enjoy cooking but for now, I need to survive.  Maybe, just maybe, this five meals in a hour concept might work for me.  It may at least free me up for more important things like reading with my children or taking them to the park and not stressing over dinner.

Note: I did get her trial menu and it took me more like two hours, but I think I can get the hang of it eventually.  Oh...and my feet hurt now, my house really is a mess and I'm exhausted.  But, at least my fridge is full and ready to sustain us for the week.  The question I have to ask myself is, can I do this again next week?  I hope so.

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