An Indispensable Tool

I love my cheese slicer.  It is, by far, the most used utensil in my kitchen.  My children would not be alive if it weren't for my cheese slicer because they love quesadillas.  I guess I could cut the cheese with a knife or just bite or break pieces off, but the cheese slicer makes it so much easier.

It's kind of like the Catholic Church.  As a Catholic, I've been questioned about the "extra" stuff we have like Saints, Sacraments and Liturgy (public worship).  It doesn't make sense to my Christian brothers and sisters who just need the Bible and some time with it in prayer.  However, I believe my Church, that Jesus established, gives me glorious tools for strengthening my relationship and walk with God.  The Bible, in fact, is one of the indispensable tools of the Church to help me on my journey to heaven and I need it too..without question. 

Yes, I could make quesadillas without a cheese slicer, but it's so much easier to use this handy tool.  It's the same with my personal walk with Christ.  Yes, I could do it without all the tools of the Catholic Church, but the tools are there for me to use to help me along the way.

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