Prayer for Peace

We ate tacos tonight for dinner.  Earlier I had discovered the wonderful world of Etsy and had been lost on the computer for a  while so dinner was late.  Time was crunching up on me and my husband was on the way home.  I tried to enlist the girls for help with clean-up, but they disappeared into their bedrooms and make-believe.  Grasshopper was twirling around her room with our Christmas nutcracker and Little Bear was babbling a conversation with her toy Nativity figures.

I rushed back and forth from the table to the sink with dishes and proceeded to drop the bowl of taco meat.  Crumbled hamburger slid across the kitchen adding to the already sweep deprived floor.  As I knocked a chunk of the meat off my sock, I said aloud, "it's true."  Grasshopper immediately popped her head in the kitchen and asked, "what's true?"

I took a breath and began to tell her my thoughts but first asked her if she really wanted to know.  She said she did and so I told her that I had just read somewhere that when a person prays, it helps that person's life to line up and run more smoothly.  It puts a person in proper balance (body, mind and spirit).  When  a person is not praying and not seeking the will of God, things get out of whack.  Today, and these last few days, have been like that for me.  I've slacked on my prayer and my life is kind of a wreck.  Dropping the hamburger was just one more mishap in a line of many.

Grasshopper was quiet for a moment and then told me she had just said silent a prayer for me and flitted back to her room with her nutcracker and I went back to sweeping up taco meat.

In prayer there is peace.  Even physical peace.  Yes, hamburger still gets spilled, but somehow the things that go wrong when I am in a prayerful state don't feel so much like erratic flies buzzing in my ears.  Instead, those accidents and blunders float in and out of my day without disturbing my inner life and I think there are actually fewer accidents because I'm not frantically trying to swat away the disturbances.

I think I'll return to prayer.  It's time to reconnect with my Father in Heaven...hallowed be His name.


  1. Well said! Praying is one of my favorite things to do, next to sleeping! It's so relaxing to just let my mind flow and speak to someone who understands what I'm saying even if I'm not articulating it quite right. He knows my heart and I know He cares for me. And when I submit everything to God, it does seem to make life much easier.
    I love etsy. I cloth diaper, so I love going through there and looking at all the cute diapers. A lot of the stuff I find I believe I could make myself, if I knew how to use the sewing machine! Some day I would like to sell things on there. For now...I must tend to my sweet daughter. :)

  2. That is so true. When you remain in contact with the Creator, have faith that it will come through, and stay in a posotive mind set because of the relief of sending up your prayers, somehow the small irritances in life just...arn't so bad, and happen less often. :)

    I have so much respect for your strong faith. :) AND the fact that you ASKED your daughter before telling her about it. That really gains my respects. Best wishes.


  3. Yardley MommaNovember 30, 2010

    I loved this post! I just thought of my husband and my own conversation with the Father this weekend, perfect timing. J slid on ice Fri. in town, popped 2 new snow tires then Sat. threw out his back taking the kids sledding and then while sledding Connor split his head open, 8 staples! And I had just told Father that I am really focusing on increasing our prayers during Advent, letting it go, trusting and listening to what God is saying. Tonight we made an Advent countdown paper chain with simple prayers on it for each day and so it begins :)


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!