Soggy Leaves and Snotty Noses

Looking out my window I see a gray sky, trees drooping with wetness and leaves plastered to the ground from last night's down pour.  The once sprightly birds preparing to migrate have disappeared and in their place are the swooping black birds with their obnoxious squawks for attention.  I love fall but when fall turns to this drudgery, I heave a heavy sigh and try to muster up the strength to make it through the day.

Not only are the trees drooping with wetness, but so are we.  All of us have been sick with an obnoxious squawking cold.  It's a nasty one.  The coughs are deep, the snot is unceasing and fevers accompany us in the night.  It's been especially sad for B.B. since this is his first real sickness in his whole life.  He wakes up with his eyes plastered shut, his nose clogged and barks with a pathetic cough.

I've been observing, since we've all been sick, how each of us responds to sickness.  My husband powers through.  He doses up on Day Quil and pounds through his days until he crashes and no amount of disturbance will wake him.  I, on the other hand, wimp out.  I sit on the couch and bemoan my sickness, walk around as if I might fall over and practically demand sympathy.  My oldest daughter, who won't sleep unless it is night, just sits very still staring hollow eyed (she has the best immune system so she's never down for long).  Little Bear, at her three years, is attacked by colds.  Her eyes, nose and mouth all become very watery and gooey.  She's a pretty happy sick and likes to snuggle and be close, although her moods can turn quickly.  It seems that B.B. is like a Weeble Wobble.  He will not relax.  He'll put his head down for a second only to pop up to look at something.  He is, by far, the most vocal about how bad he feels.  It's hard to console him and I miss his happy self.

Glancing outside again I see that the sun has momentarily broken through the uncaring gray and a little leftover bird just tittered up and over the neighbor's house. It will be nice to get beyond this season of soggy leaves and snotty noses.  As always, there is hope for better days.

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