Thanksgiving...and stuff

Happy Thanksgiving!

We drove home from our family visit in Eastern Oregon last night.  The roads were as bad as we've ever seen them.  It was kind of a nightmare of a trip but the kids were pretty good.  I think they were exhausted from playing in the snow with all their cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

We had our Thanksgiving dinner last Saturday.  Today, Thanksgiving day, I've moved the couch up for the girls and I to watch The Chronicles of Narnia in preparation for the third movie coming out next month.  We will try to have a family outing to the "picture show" as my mother-in-law (and my husband) call it!

This Sunday marks the first Sunday of Advent.  I've looked over my calendar and we are headed for a busy month.  I may simplify things in order to enjoy and embrace the season (my favorite season of all).  My hope is to reduce the number of gifts and shopping.  Although I love to buy presents, it seems sillier and sillier every year to buy all this stuff and then find a place to put it.

Now I must go find places to put all the stuff we have brought home.  My kitchen and living room are crowded from our luggage.  I'd rather be eating turkey and pumpkin pie again.

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