Wait a Minute...

People around the web world are beginning to talk about Christmas...ahhhhh.  It's almost Thanksgiving and I have barely given that any thought.  The time is passing me by too quickly.  Last year (and years before) I at least made an attempt to plan for the holidays.  This year, I'm just plain not.

I did run into a website that looked like it might be interesting and helpful during the busy Advent/Christmas season called Simple Mom written by a gal named Tsh (pronounced "Tish").  Here is a link to her post titled 12 Weeks to a Peaceful Christmas (Yikes! We are already at 6 weeks to Christmas).

I think it's time to remind myself that we all have the same amount of minutes in a day.  It's what I choose to do with those minutes that makes up who I am.  As long as I am not a complete blob for no good reason, than I'm doing okay.

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