7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 8)

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Just now (3:00 PM) I realized it is Friday.  I mean I knew it all day, but I just realized it.  It has been a long week.  It will be a long month.  It bugs me how December ends up like that.  It's the month when I really want to be reflecting and waiting and anticipating the real meaning of Christmas.  Instead I'm in a haze from all that is going on.  You know, Jesus died at 3PM on a Friday...I think there is something to ponder here...
Even though I am begrudging the fact that Christmas is being squeezed out of CHRIST-MAS, I am still doing some more decorating.  My husband and I hung the wreath outside the house today.  However, I did something fun to it!  Instead of a boring green wreath, I added some red, fake flowers and holly and then sprayed it with fake snow.  Lastly, I put a Santa plaque in the center (it says Holly Jolly Christmas).  I am so proud of myself.

My inspiration BHG...maybe I should get some more fake poinsettias...

To continue with this theme of holiday irritation, it always gets me irked when I can hardly keep up with the the household tasks and then I have to add Christmas on top of it all.  We have a certain amount of minutes in day.  May I ask the Keeper of Time where I may buy some more minutes?  It seems I can buy almost anything to complicate and clutter my life, but where can I buy some more minutes for my day?  I guess I'll just steal some minutes off of my sleep time...that always works well...just ask my family.

Check out this picture.  Look very carefully...do you notice anything...it's in the basket?

Do you give up?  It is a basket of Grasshopper's clothes.  I found them all in her room in places they did not belong.  Some were in the right place but dirty.  When I discovered this for the zillionth time I asked myself, "what can I do to stop this" instead of  the usual harping, yelling and huffing.  So, I gathered all the clothes up, washed the dirty ones and folded them in this basket.  I now charge Grasshopper a quarter for each item of clothing she wants back.  In the end, this may end up being more work for me, but maybe, just maybe, Grasshopper will think twice before littering her room with her clothes when there is a perfectly nice dresser to store them in.  I hope there are some she never buys back and I can remove them from the house.
It's the time of year when more toys, clothes and other items to manage, dust, and keep, come marching through the door with great gusto, fanfare and glitz.  Then, after they dull a bit, they are shoved, pushed and crammed into rooms and storage places that are already full.  So comes my thoughts about decluttering for Christmas.  I had great idea last night when I was trying to sleep and my concern over all that had to be done kept me awake (and that's not what I meant by stealing minutes from my sleep time).  I may try to do this if I can get my act together in time.  It is very difficult for my girls to get rid of anything so I thought I could set up a store and everything is priced by size.  The goal will be to get rid of 25% of the stuff and so I will give enough "money" for each child to buy 75% of their stuff back.  The leftovers will be whisked out of the house to leave room for what is to come.  I'll let you know if this works.
December 3, 2010
Dear Keeper of Time,
See the above idea?  I really like that idea along with the thousands of other ideas that float through my mind each day.  I really want to accomplish something instead of nothing this year.  Will you please help me?  Maybe instead of selling me more time, you could just slow time down or even add a day or two before the 25th (we won't tell the kids).  Please have pity on me, a poor mother of three. 
Even though I'm seeking more time in my day, I did discover a great new time waster: Etsy.com.  I love this shopping site now.  I bought some cool stuff already (PayPal really makes things easy).  Maybe, if I can stop myself from browsing for too long, I will save some shopping time this year on this site.  The only drawback I'm finding from browsing the sellers and their neat-o things they make and sell is that my blog is starting to seem kind of boring.  I think in January I may make some changes in its look.  Any suggestions?
Have a blessed second week of Advent and my you have all the time you need to accomplish all that you need to accomplish.  Either that or take some of the extra off your plate (hey, now that's an idea even I might be able to accomplish).


  1. I really love #4. That is a great idea! I can't wait till my kids are old enough to do that.

    And I completely agree about wanting more time before Christmas...no matter how early we start, December always flies by way too fast!

  2. Yardley MommaDecember 03, 2010

    I just read in my new holiday ideas book from Gooseberry Patch about a family that leaves out by the door or fireplace gently used toys for Santa to scoop up and redistribute to children all over the world. My kids and I just periodically go thru their toys, like now, and I say, ok, what are we not playing with that another child could use who is homeless or needs toys? This year was easier because the homeless family that needs help, the girl was in Connor's Kinder class last year and he wanted to give his toys to her and her little brothers. :) And I agree, always want more time in December!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!