Work in Peace

"So Peter...went into the tomb and saw the burial cloths there,
and the cloth that had covered his head,
not with the burial cloths but rolled up in a separate place."
(John 20)

I was struck by this passage in today's reading and the fact that Jesus deliberately rolled up the cloth that had covered his head.  I can imagine that He was pretty excited to let his friends and the world know what had just occurred.  He was dead, and now He was alive!  He was rejected and shamed, but now He was resurrected, the breath of life was back in His body.  Yet, He was in no hurry to let anyone know.  He took the time to roll up the cloth that covered His head and He was probably very peaceful while doing it.

So many days I am rushing around trying to accomplish all my housework while fretting about the many other tasks I am not able to get to.  Instead of doing things well and being peaceful, I end up feeling frantic.  Even if all the tasks are completed by the end of the day, I often feel run down, overworked and irritated.  After reading today's reading, I made a conscience effort to slow down and be deliberate with my tasks, as Jesus was with that cloth.  Amazingly, I accomplished as much as usual in probably the same amount of time, without being in a hurry.  My mind was at peace for much of the day. 

Bubby Boy, my nine-month-old, was particularly crabby today and some giant nobs protruded through his upper and lower gums (but no teeth yet).  Slowly and deliberately I took care of him.  I rocked him, fed him, changed his diaper, and all without a that nagging, rushed feeling I normally have.  In the midst of his misery, I vacuumed the house, made my bed, cleaned my room and even reorganized Little Bear's room.  Amazingly, my children and I ate a home cooked meal, I read stories to Little Bear, and I was even able to play a board game with the girls.  I might go so far as to call today's accomplishments a miracle.

If Jesus can take the time to roll his burial cloth even when such news is waiting to be shared, then I too can take my time with my work at home and be at peace.

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