I'm sitting where the TV used to be

We have moved our furniture around after taking down the Christmas tree.  The change is refreshing and has made our living room seem bigger.  That's good in our little house.  We placed a rocking chair in a place were the TV used to be, so now my perspective is different enough that I can see a small spot we missed when painting our ceiling before we moved in.  I can also see some cobwebs blowing in the breeze of the heater...collecting dust...great.

At the same time, I've been going through a sort of spiritual rearranging of furniture.  It too has changed my perspective enough to reveal some things I was not aware of.  There is more to this than I can write, but it has become very clear to me that I have multiple mechanisms in my life to keep me "busy" and when I'm busy, it's hard to follow or even hear the gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit.  Even a small thing like chewing gum.  I shove gum in my mouth and all of a sudden my mind is racing as my jaw works overtime.  It's the same with mindless eating and even my coffee habit.

Slowly and quietly, with constant guidance from Jesus, I am giving these things up (I had no idea I was addicted to coffee until I stopped drinking it).  Slowly and quietly, I am changing as well.  Our living room is still the same old living room, it just looks different because things have been moved around and some clutter removed.  It's the same with me, I think.  I'm still the same old Holly, only my perspective has shifted, some clutter has been removed and I feel more at peace.


  1. Coffee??? I am surprised and inspired! I'm really looking forward to following you this year. I have also thought about many of the things that clutter my life and take me away from God and my vocation as wife and mother. So I will take my inspiration from you and follow your good example - though at times I fear it will be incredibly difficult! I know I am not alone, ever!

  2. As long as you don't give up books you're fine.

    It's a popular subject today, presence.

    Good luck in 2011!

  3. i also have a blog your a very goo d blogger keep up the good work

  4. Nice blog post. I myself have only just started drinking coffee. Shame on me, hey.


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