A Resting Place

My Dear Agate Seekers,

Some of you may have noticed that I have been absent to the blog world for almost a week!  I have started to feel exhausted by the words and images of blogs, the Internet, TV, radio and the sound of my own voice.  It seems like everyone is screaming at me for attention.  Then my little children scream at me and each other for attention as well.

Since Christmas, I have made a deliberate effort to be silent.  I am attempting to still my soul so that the Holy Spirit can find a place to rest.  Rather than getting out my laptop for down time, I have been pulling my daughter on my lap instead.  Instead of furiously cleaning the kitchen to get to the Internet, I have been slowly cleaning the kitchen and graciously giving my children one more drink or one more quesadilla.  Instead of swatting my children away while I carefully fold the laundry I have been part of their games (the Ice Queen the other day in fact).  It has been a calm time for me.  A time to reacquaint myself with Jesus.  A blessed time that I'm not anxious to leave.

I'm not sure what direction my writing is going to take after this, but I'm pretty sure the tone will change if life continues as it has (and I hope it does).  It feels like it's time for me to grow up and embrace this life the Lord has chosen for me.  I'm ready to do that.  Maybe you will join me in the silence.

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