While I Walked on Slug Tracks

We've had a few days of sunshine and yesterday I took advantage of the break from the rain.  While my husband and children were home, I zipped up my red windbreaker and headed out toward the edge of town.  I was looking for quiet.  Quiet is hard to find in this world.  I'm learning that very quickly.  The further I got from town, the quieter it got.  As I walked, I had a conversation with God.  Not out loud, but in my mind.

We talked about a lot of things.  I can't recall ever having such an easy talk with the Lord.  This past month working on quieting my soul and stilling my mind has helped me to actually hear what God is saying to me.  The doubt I used to have about whose voice I was hearing, my own or God's, has faded (of course, I still must discern prayerfully).  Even though I am able to hear the voice of God more easily, I am taking things very slowly.  In the past, when I felt the Lord had told me something, I'd blabber away to all who would listen.  Now, a little like Mary, I ponder them in my heart.  God will let me know when to speak.  I am confident in that.  This is the reason for less blog posts.

As I walked along in silence of God's creation, the sun shone just right on the road under my feet and I could see a bunch of slimy slug tracks.  I did  not see any slugs, just the evidence of them being there at one time.  There were so many tracks that the path under my feet was covered almost completely like lace.  It made me think about all those people who have come before me.  All those who have walked this same walk and are now in heaven.  Although I am uniquely created, this conversion to silence, these conversations with God, are not only my privilege.  God desires the same from everyone.  He loves us all that much. 

"Seek...first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be given to you."  ~Matthew 6:33

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