What to do when you're stuck behind an RV

There's been some changes in our life that have added some extra stress to my existence.  Our house is for sale, my husband drastically altered his work schedule, fall schedules are pinned to my bulletin board, my calendar is filling up and this is my first year to teach my daughter at home. 

Before all these changes life was going fairly smoothly for me. I had worked the kinks out of our household routines and was managing things with relative ease. It was as if I was driving down the coastal highway after just getting past some slow cars.  There were few obstacles to my ocean view and I was even able to set the cruise control at 61 mph.

Now, with these changes, it's as if an RV has pulled out in front of me.  Instead of sailing smoothly down the road, I'm stuck looking at the back of this RV.  No amount of yelling, or crowding the bumper of this beast will do any good.  They are tourists gawking at the view and taking their time.  All I can do is wait for the next passing lane (if you've ever driven hwy 101 on the central Oregon coast, they are few and far between).   

My response to all the changes in our routine has been to yell and crowd the bumper.  It's been doing me no good.  Somehow I have to adjust to this new speed and keep moving toward my goal and my goal is to grow in holiness.

The other night I read from the Gospel of St. John about the Samaritan woman Jesus met at the well.  It says that when Jesus sat down at the well, He was tired.  I'm tired too.  When I'm tired I want to rest.  I want to get away and be refreshed.  That's not what Jesus did.  He began a pretty heavy conversation with this woman that eventually led to her conversion and the conversion of most of her town.  When Jesus' disciples came up to Him with food, He told them He wasn't hungry because He has food they don't know about.  They were confused and then Jesus said: "My food is to do the will of the one who sent me and to finish his work" (John 4:34).

Even when I'm tired, even when I'm stuck behind an RV, even when schedules change and life's routines are messed up, I must continue to do the will of God and finish his work.  Just like Jesus.


  1. There are many times I find myself behind an RV too. I always wondered and meditated what Jesus meant when He said, "my food". Food gives you strength as does God gives us strength. I believe that God's will and God's work for me is to be a father. Of all the things I have accomplished on this earth, fatherhood is my greatest accomplishment. I feel God has given me strength to lift the RV out of my way! Your writing is lovely Holly. Thank you!!!!!

    With heart and hunger...

  2. i pressed the "next blog" button from my blog and i found your blog. how wonderful to find someone who is also trying to scatter seeds! reading through posts like these encourage me to keep on keeping on whatever the circumstances. thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!