Faith of my dreams

I met the most beautiful lady last night (in my dream).  Her name was Faith.  She was a very attractive, sublimely peaceful woman in a wheel chair.  We were in a room where every seat was filled and not a lot of room to get around.  I wanted so badly to get close to Faith and talk to her but could never quite manage to get near her.  She obviously had a couple very close friends who were privy to her life and her friendship and I, it was apparent, was not going to get to be a part of her close inner circle.  Even though I could never get close to Faith, somehow I knew by watching her that her life had been one of suffering and that through her suffering she merited her name.

Suffering and faith.  The two are tied together.  The sufferings we endure in this life can be the stepping stones to life with God.  When you read stories of the lives of Saints or stories of conversion, they are almost always tied to some sort of suffering or tragedy that invariably draws a person to a life dependent on God.  We all suffer in one way or another.  Incredibly, our God came and lived among us and so endured every kind of suffering.  He, by becoming one of us, raised suffering to the highest level.  His suffering (and faith) endured to the end. 

Somehow, by His Grace, our suffering draws us to holiness.  When we are able to embrace suffering and use it as it is intended, a stepping stone to holiness, faith will shine through our every action.  Just like the Faith in my dreams.


  1. Thank you God for the Cross and the blood of Jesus that has open heaven that we may come boldly to the throne of God and be holy for he calls us Holy. For Jesus did it all at the Cross! Great Post! God bless you:) http://www.womenwalkinginthespiritofchrist.com/

  2. This was insightful and inspirational. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!