Happily "Maui"ed!

What would you do if your parents were married for fifty years this month and you were celebrating your tenth anniversary?  We decided to take a trip to Hawaii.  Maui to be exact. 

Before we took off I was anxious about how it all would go.  I was worried about the plane ride with three children, a father in a wheel chair, a mother with pretty severe arthritis and a husband with flying (and other) anxieties.  I gave very little thought to the actual time we were going to spend on a sub-tropical island. 

After a fairly stress free flying experience, thanks to many and very specific prayers, we settled in to our week of anniversary celebrations.  Once we were actually at the hotel looking off the balcony at the island blue waters framed by palm trees, feeling the soft breeze and listening to the crashing waves, I was very pleasantly surprised by the overall wonderfulness of an island vacation. 

We had such a fantastic time that we're already planning our next trip across the seas. 

By the way, our hotel did not have easy access to the Internet, in case you wondered where I've been since I said I was going to write more consistently. 

Mahalo for reading!

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