How does an octopus deal?


Is anyone there?

I'm back!  At least I am ready to be back.  In a way, I need to be back.  These days with the start of my new adventure of home schooling my nine-year-old, chasing my-20-month old, tending to my four-year-old and stumbling around my husband's new work schedule (back to nights), I feel like an octopus trying to keep my head above the surface of the water.  It's exhausting.  I'm stressed, not always unhappily stressed, but stressed.

So, I'm returning to Scattering Agates to try to find an outlet for my creative side that has been crammed into the corner.  Maybe it can be a place to rest one of my weary tentacles maybe you'll begin to read again.

Also, look forward to a some changes in the look of this blog in the days ahead.  I've asked for help from a friend.

(Click on the picture of the green octopus if you'd like to buy it.  I spotted it on Etsy).

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