Straight North

My goal is to walk through this life in a straight line.  Straight North to be exact.  If I walk straight North, I will walk right into the loving arms of God, my Father.  Do I always walk straight North?  No.  Often I am walking a few (or a lot of) degrees West or East and at times in my life I have walked almost directly South.  Directly away from Love.

I've struggled to come up with a good image of how we all effect each other in this world and this compass image is the best I can come up with.  We each are walking in whatever direction we have chosen, but as we meet one another on our walk, we bump each other to different degrees.  My actions and words have the ability to bump a person (if they choose) one degree closer toward North.  Even if it's just a smile to a stranger in a grocery store.  In the same way, I could read something online that could take me a degree or two away from North.

The point is; every action, every word I speak, every thought and gesture has its effect on this world and the people around me.  It's not like if we all think peace at the same time, the world will be at peace.  It's much more complicated than that.  But, if we all are doing our best to walk North, we all will help each other along the way.  Eventually, we (the whole world) could be on a path toward God and how amazing would that be?


  1. Great post. It gives me something to ponder on this fine day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I need to sit on my sofa breath and relax and start all over again. North is a good direction – but are you sure we can all do it at once?

  3. Your goal should be to use your brain, instead
    of believing in religious nonsense. You are wasting your life on such drivel.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I thought about not posting your comment because I wasn't sure it was "for the glory of God." But decided to anyway. I hope you are wrong about me "wasting my life on such drivel." But what if I'm not wasting my life and you are wasting your life? I don't want to waste my life either way. I chose this way. I chose to follow Jesus. I'm trying to go straight North and I'm using my brain too! It is possible to do both.

  5. Dear Holly,
    I like your answer to anonymous. That's what nice in life – you have the option to follow what ever you believe on. You make the right choices that suit to your life style and your desires. I think that in the case of that guy with his narrow vision he won't get any peace in his life. It's easy to criticize and less to be criticized.
    מערכות ישיבה

  6. i like this! how interesting that we both landed on this metaphor of a compass. my days as a tall ship sailor really ingrained that image in my mind, after staring at one for hours on end to keep the ship on course. i like your thoughts on us as humans sharing this world bumping each other a degree or two closer to north if we choose to smile and be positive influences on each other. i think we do that for each other, and it's the kind of friend i want to be, and the kind of friends i want to have around me. thanks for being a friend! :)

    1. I have no experience as a tall ship sailor and find it even more compelling to think of how you had to stare for hours at the compass to keep the ship on course. Your gaze was fixed. It reminds me of a Helen Keller quote (at least it was attributed to her on a bumper sticker I once saw): "keep your eyes to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows." Just another reason to fix our gaze on north. On Love itself.

      God is Love which means Love is God. Focus!

      Already in our short friendship, you have bumped me back toward north more than once. The beautiful images you capture with your trusty camera and then share via social media have moved me a degree or two, and, of course, being with your for real has even more compass bumping effects :). Thank for sharing your kindness and positiveness with me and for being my friend too. (OH- and those awesome pancakes you made at camp...those helped me too)


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!