(Left to right: Little Bear, me, Bubby and Grasshopper)
It's been a while since I've posted on Scattering Agates consistently so I thought it would be a good idea for me to update the world, well at least you readers (if you have not deleted me from your memory) about my oh-so-fantastic and oh-so-ordinary life.  That is, if you are interested.  

I'll start with the kids. 

Grasshopper, now nine, is turning in to a fine young lady.  I know I spent a lot of time in the past writing about her and our battles, but lately things are going quite smoothly with her.  However, she is beginning to show some signs of pre-teen stuff (ahhhhh).  I'm already reading books on the teenage years in preparation.  I am home schooling her this year and it has improved our relationship greatly.  In fact, I love being a home school family.  I can't wait to start Little Bear next year.

Little Bear is now a sweet little four-year-old girl.  She has always been sweet, but she's smashed between two rather strong willed children and so has become even sweeter (in my eyes anyway).  My difficulties with her seem to arise only when she is overly tired.  However, being such a good little girl, I can at times forget to give her enough attention.

And Bubby.  Oh, Bubby.  My four-months-from-two-year old.  He is a handful.  He, in fact, quite exhausts me.  He is a boy so the boy factor is definitely at play plus, unlike his sisters, he is an extrovert.  This means everyone around him gets to hear his happy sounds when he's happy (so adorable) but they also get to hear his unhappy sounds when he's unhappy (not so adorable).  He's loud, on the move and demanding.  At the same time, he is the joy of our lives.  It has been a big adjustment for me to raise this kid. 

Because of home schooling keeping up with Bubby, and everything else, my days have become much busier.  This has actually been a good thing because it has forced me to be more organized.  It's kinda like when I was in college, I actually got better grades with a full schedule rather than light one.  I have also been forced into eating better, taking my vitamins and exercising to stay healthy and happy in the midst of the day-to-day stress of life.

With all that is going on (and I haven't even mentioned our house is for sale and that my husband is back to working a twelve hour night shift) I have neglected this blog and my creative side in general.  I look forward to writing again, even if I only have small chunks of time to do it.  I also look forward to reconnecting with you, the readers of this blog.



  1. It's great hearing about how the kids are going, and growing. Yep, boys are certainly different to bring up, but it's all rewarding. A great post, thanks and blessings.

  2. It seems like life is happening in your household. Congrats on successfully home schooling. Look forward to hearing from you again.


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