Cookies and Carols

A friend of mine hosted a cookie decorating party yesterday.  There were lots of kids, stacks of cookies, and plenty of sprinkles, frosting and candy to send any child into ecstasy.  We brought home two plates of masterfully decorated cookies and smiles on our faces.  I thought a cookie decorating party was such a creative way to celebrate Christmas.  If I had a bigger house, maybe I could do something like that.

As it is, our house is small so we will have a small gathering of friends over on Tuesday night for carolling.  This will be our second annual carolling party.  Last year after visiting over cookies, tea and wine, we sat around the living room together for singing.  I deliberately put together a book of carols that were from the good ol' days: Silent Night, Away in a MangerJoy to the World.   The party ended leaving us all with happier hearts ready for Christmas to arrive. 

I plan the same kind of party for this year and for years to come.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll eventually have a larger, more party friendly space, and all my friends, their kids and maybe even their dogs can fit.

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