It only takes a spark

We light the pink candle this week on the Advent week.  That means we are getting closer to Christmas.  The pink represents joy.  The purple candles represent sorrow for our sins, but now we get to think about the joy of Jesus' birth.

The only problem I'm having with the joy of Christmas is that I don't feel joyful.  It seems, these days, Christmas is about cramming as much stuff in your cart, or as many activities as possible in the month of December.  It's cluttery, noisy, glizty and completely messes up what Christmas is all about.  Jesus, the Savior of the world, did  not come so that my children could be bombarded with material things that only makes me (and them I believe) crazed and crazy.

Meanwhile, there are people suffering in this world.  They are hungry, tired, lonely, depressed, housebound, in prison, and dying.  Whatever happened to filling all the valleys and making straight a highway for our God?  There is a problem with this world and it's called sin.  We live in a world where people are walking away from God and toward selfishness.  We really need to be saved from ourselves. 

The amazing thing is that we have been saved.  We have a Savior.  He's nothing spectacular.  In fact, he came to us as a little, tiny baby born in a place where animals are kept.  He slept in the place those same animals had breakfast.  He was so helpless and sweet. 

It's incredible...unthinkable...true.  I know I need this Savior.  I'm lost without Him.  But will my children hear His message through the noise?

Thursday my husband and I will spend the day shopping for toys for our kids.  I do want my children to have fun, be happy and feel the joy of Christmas.  I just fear the meaning will be lost in the craziness of it all.  But I refuse to give up.  I will at least try to get the message to them and, by God's grace, they may hear it. 

Year after year, I will keep lighting the pink candle because it only takes a spark to get a fire going.


  1. This was a great message.

    I wish you and your husband happy shopping. I did some toy shopping online from my husband's grand-daughter at JC Penney's. I got some really cute items for next to nothing. I believe I paid $100 for five or six big ticket items. I got her a painters desk. It comes with all the art supplies. I got her a fashion runway with lights, a violin and a box of three different types of Disney princess shoes and tiaras. Can't spell as you can see without spell check. So please forgive. Again, happy shopping.

  2. I commend you for wanting to make sure your children get the wonderful message of the fantastic gift of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas. I think you can do it with the Advent wreath as you do. When our kids were younger on Christmas morning we read out of the Bible (usually Luke chapter 2:1-11) first before opening gifts and send a prayer thanking God for sending Jesus to us, the best gift of all. We also tried to incorporate the kids into reaching out to help others that might not get anything for Christmas, donate a toy for Toys for Tots, donate food to food bank, too so they could see the giving side of Christmas too and reaching out to help others.

    I think as long as you keep trying to get the message out, God is faithful in making sure the kids understand it.

    may you have a restful day!



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