Merry Christmas my precious

Merry Christmas!  The dreaded long anticipated day has arrived.  I guess this is kind of a melancholy Christmas for me.  I've spent a lot of time longing for days and friendships of the past.  Actually I've even been longing for my present wonderful friends but they are all busy with their own families.  I'm not sure I can force myself to be joyful and jubilant, but I'm sure once the festivities are in full swing, all the joy on my children's faces will spread to mine.  Some day I'll be longing for these days with them.

This Christmas I'll also be longing for my husband.  He is working on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and beyond so when we do have a brief moment with him, he will have that glazed over, just-crawled-out-of-Schmiegel's-cave look.  Not one of my favorite looks on him.  I prefer his well-rested look with his hearty laughter and incessant teasing.

So, for all of you out there that this Christmas just isn't the fun and fanfare that it has been in the past or that you've always dreamed of, I'm with you this year.  Let's make the best of it.  Remembering that this life is passing and our future, if we choose to accept it, is sealed by the very baby whose birthday we celebrate.  Let's thank that little baby for the most wonderful gift of all.  His gift of salvation to the world.

But before I dive into Christmas.  I will share this video with you.  Something to look forward to!

After writing this post, I read over at Catholic Culture some interesting stuff about Catholic Christmas traditions.  It's short and sweet, so check it out by clicking HERE.

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