Brideshead, Downton, O'Conner, O My!

Neglected but not altogether abandoned.  That's what I would say about Scattering Agates this last week.  Words and thoughts are in constant formation in my head but actually constructing the sentences on the computer has been just out of reach.

I'm not busy.  In fact, I have not been baking bread.  I have not been baking anything.  Somehow dinner has managed to find its way to the table, but without much effort: Tacos, hamburgers, stir fry.  Easy stuff that takes little thought or effort on my part.  I have not been crafting with the children, nor have I been spending much time with them at all.  I feed them and send them off to play or pop in a Dvd to keep them occupied.  It's not been my proudest mommy moments these days. 

No.  Life has been pretty dull, boring, and gray.  Finally today the sky matches my mood.  We've had a excess of sun and cold weather this winter that has left everyone feeling confused.  Today the rain is back.

So, what have I have I been doing?  I'm dying to share.  I've been watching movies such as Brideshead Revisited.  I obtained a copy of the 1981 version that is nine episodes long.  Each about an hour.  A while back I had read most of the book and the movie follows almost exactly.  I've also been watching Downton Abbey online.  It's a Masterpiece production on PBS now in its second season. I've been watching the first season soon to be offline on January 17th.  Both shows have been excellent, in my opinion.  Especially Brideshead Revisited, although much more of a heady drama and time investment (sigh) but so good. 

You can actually watch all of the BBC 1981 version of Brideshead Revisited with Jeremy Irons and other great actors on You Tube.  CLICK HERE to begin your journey.

If you'd like to watch Downton Abbey before it's gone, CLICK HERE.

Both movies are mostly okay to watch with children present.  Although Brideshead Revisited has some adult themes such as homosexuality, extramarital affairs and there's lots of kissing in both as well as some love scenes.  Okay...maybe not so good with children, but I just made mine cover their eyes.  They get bored with all the dialogue anyway.

Movies take up a lot of time and seem to suck the life out of me.  I wonder if others have this problem?  So, I have also been reading.  I highly recommend short stories by Flannery O'Conner.  She is an amazing writer.  Also Catholic, as is Evelyn Waugh the author of Brideshead Revisited, and like Evelyn Waugh, has a grasp on the reality of humanity.  No Thomas Kinkade reading (or viewing).  It's raw humanity at its best and worse.  Just how I like it.  And, I'd like to add, the reason I love being a Catholic.  We don't skip over the Crucifixion and focus only on the Resurrection.  We live, reflect and believe it all.

On that theme, you may also find this post interesting about a pagan convert to Catholicism on a blog titled Why I'm Catholic.  Christie Martin wrote a good piece on her conversion and may look into her blog as well titled, Garden of Holiness.

So, you see, I may not be dusting or packing up the Christmas stuff.  I may not be "busy" with the tasks that stare at me and begrudgingly wonder when I will attend to them, but I've been filling my head with a lot of great movies and reading.  Maybe I'm not a complete loss.  Those tasks will still be there when I've had my fill of escapism.

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