Falling in love...with an electronic device?

Yes.  It's that bad.

For Christmas my husband gave me a Kindle Fire.  It surprised me because I like books.  Real books.  Now that I have a Kindle, I like it too.  In fact, I'm almost in love with it.  At least that may be what you think if you could watch me with it.  I wake up, turn it on, check my email, check facebook, check the news, turn on talk radio, check to see if any one has commented on my blog (or if by some miracle, I had written something new), see if there are any new books I want to buy, then I move around the house taking my Kindle with me wherever I go.

I hope my infatuation with this little, black device will not last much longer.  Other relationships in my life are suffering. I am suffering.  It seems my Kindle takes a lot of my time and attention and doesn't give much in return.

I'm not sure if the Kindle is the cause or if it is where I am finding my escape from the real world.  Lately it feels as if any progress I have made in my parenting and home making skills have been  rushed down the river with the latest flood in our neighborhood.  Which, by the way, I kept track of on my Kindle hour by hour, foot by foot. 

It will be nice when these dark, gloomy, winter days are past.  Maybe then I'll be able to dry myself off, set the Kindle aside and tend to the more important relationships in my life.  Those with hearts that beat and souls that long for love. 


  1. Ah, I get where you're coming from. Once you have something you wonder how you ever survived without it - yet, in fact, you did. And you were just fine. I am still trying to peel myself away from my new phone - it just has its own little world packed in there, with everything you could ever want to know or do. What I've found helpful is just forcing myself to put it down, really compartmentalize my brain and think of things I know I need to get done. So I get what I need and get it over with. And after being away from the phone for a while, I don't feel this dire need to go back to it.

  2. I have also had the idea of giving myself time limits. However, giving myself any kind of limit usaully backfires on me. That's how it was for a long time with food, but slowly I seem to be getting a handle on that. I'd have to have some kind of timer. Hmmmm...I'll think about this.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!