Making History

There was a break in the weather today and the clear skies drew us outside.  The backyard was littered with tree branches from all the wind storms we've been having so I pulled out two rakes.  A larger one for myself and a little one for Bubby (he loves to "work").  Then, I did something that I don't normally do.  I played with my children. 

As I raked the branches into piles, I began to imagine our little family as a pioneer family just clearing our land to build a cabin.  Grasshopper happens to be learning about pioneers right now, so I thought, "why not make a game of it."  As soon as I started to pretend to be "ma," the girls gathered around me, Bubby too with his rake, and they were captivated.  Their little faces lit up and they immediately joined in to play this game with me!

The best part was that while one child hunted a rabbit for dinner, and another got the dutch oven out of the wagon and started the fire, the branches -that began this whole adventure- were gathered up in neat piles.  Those kids eagerly worked around me as if it wasn't work at all.

One of the great things about being with my children all of the time, is the change I see in myself.  I, who dread to play with my children and find it a tiresome chore, had fun with them today.  In fact, we've played a few different games together while we are going about our daily chores lately: Teacher and students, maid and ladies, the white witch and Narnians.  Most likely these little games will be what I, and maybe even they, will remember as we look back these busy days.  It is our own little history.

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