The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

While at an attempt at prayer the other day, I was struggling to focus.  No matter how hard I tried to listen peacefully, my thoughts kept jumping and racing.  Then an interesting image floated through my mind.  I saw myself reaching toward Jesus with one hand, my face turned toward Him and my entire body as well.  My face showed its desire and even longing to be with Him.  However, my other hand was stretched out in the opposite direction.  In that hand I grasped, with no intent to let go, a hook attached to a cable much like the one I have pictured above. 

The message was clear.  In order to give myself completely to God, I have to let go of whatever is holding me back.  And, as a mom, giving myself completely to God means giving myself completely to the duties of my vocation.  I mean these little, crazy, monsters that skitter around me all day.  These children, whom I love, but who take up so much of my energy. 

I guess I'm afraid to do it.  I'm afraid to let go of my own comforts and fantasies (notice I didn't say desires because those are given to me by my Creator).  It all comes down to trust.  My ability to trust that God will give me the strength to accomplish all that He needs me to accomplish. I know that by surrendering and trusting Him, the desires of my heart will be fulfilled.  There really is no need to fear.

Lent, coming up in a little less than a month, will be a good time to work on letting go of the hook and cable so that I can hug Jesus with both arms.

 This was on Facebook this morning.  I hope it's not too small to read:


I feel sort of guilty using the image of the hook above because it is from a site where they are trying to sell their images.  So, as with almost all of the images I use, if you click on the picture, it is linked to its original site.


  1. Great post! Very inspirational. All will come together when it comes to giving you to God. He understands when we can't and won't. Have a great weekend!

    1. Your words about God understanding when we can't or won't give ourselves to Him are very helpful to me. I fear sometimes that He may give up on me. It is what I do in this present moment that matters.

  2. Great reads!!! Please keep it up! I am not catholic yet me an J.C. Have a deep trust and relationship. I enjoy your posts and perspectives.

    Andrew Sharp
    Borrowed Faith
    Life... unlimited

    1. Thanks for reading, Andrew. Your deep trust and relationship in Jesus unites us.


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