...because it's Valentine's Day...

Today I made bread.  It is a great accomplishment for me.  A nice lady from church came over to help me with a recipe for a loaf of artisan bread.  By the time she left, we had made two loaves and I have a bucket of dough in the fridge to make more later.  In fact, I am letting some of the dough rise right now with a heart shape cut into the top, for my husband.  I know, isn't that sweet?  He'll appreciate it too. 

Too bad he will probably do nothing for me but give me a hug and a kiss (update: he did bring me a bottle of wine).  But I'm not complaining.  Valentine's Day has never been "our" thing.  Secretly, I'd be more into it if he was.  Oh well.  I chose this guy to enter into a marriage covenant with.

That's just it.  Falling in love is one thing and marriage another.  Hearts, flowers, candy and romance eventually fade away and what's left is an imperfect relationship.  For some reason, people want to cling to the fantasy that marriage should be happy almost all the time and those squishy feelings that started it all should remain forever.  They don't.

Our marriage is no longer just about our love for one another, our love has grown into a family.  And when love grows into a family its true meaning becomes obvious.  Love is sacrifice.  It is a constant bending, folding, stretching and letting go (sounds like making bread!).

And that's what I have to say today because it's Valentine's Day.


  1. Lovely post.
    I'm recently married but am separated from my husband. Long story...purpose of my blog.
    Anyways...once we are finally together I look forward to all that marriage has to offer. But, I totally understand that there will be plenty of ups and downs for sure.
    Heck, i've gone through so many ups and downs without a husband that I only look forward to not having to do through them alone.
    God picked a good one for me. Good things come to those who wait. So i'll be patient with what left I have to wait for.

    Mrs White

    1. Thanks for reading, Mrs. White. I am intrigued about the reasons for your separation. I will check out your blog!


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