Overcoming writers block and gloomy thoughts with plans for Lent

I know.  I know.  You are probably sick of hearing excuses from me about why I haven't posted a blog in a while.  Writers block.  Seriously.  I think I've started at least four different posts and just can't seem to get my mind to focus enough to write. 

Today I will break the wall.  My fingers will climb up and over while my thoughts poor onto the screen in a beautiful symphony of words.  Well, maybe it won't be that great, but at least I've written more than one sentence.


Today is Fat Tuesday and tomorrow we start Lent.  Here are this year's plans:

The First:

Each member of my family will have forty pieces of money (pennies, dimes, etc).  Each day we are to say a special prayer or sacrifice and then place a coin in the Catholic Relief Services rice bowl.

The Second:

Clean out things that are hidden or in desparate need of organization.  I'll spend (at least) ten minutes a day on this and commit to one room a week. 

The Third:

Attend Lenten faith sharing group at our church.

The Fourth:

Give up wheat.  This is going to be HARD.  However, I've been wondering lately if I have a wheat allergy so I though Lent would be a good time to find out.  Plus, it makes a lot of sense now that I can make bread and even bought a bread making cookbook (haha).


That's about all I've thought of, and knowing myself, I better stop there.  I am a consistant over-planner and then give up on it all because I'm overwhelmed. 

One last thought: Even though Lent is a season that enourages us to think about our sinfullness, I'm glad to have something to focus on rather than the gray skies, grizzly rain, and my gloomy thoughts.  Now I have Easter to look forward to!

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